New Urine Drug Screen Services Available!

Precision Lab Services now offers both Synthetic Marijuana Drug Testing and Standard Drug Screens to individuals and companies.  Whether you are a concerned parent or an employer, we have the drug testing services you need and will provide the customer service you deserve.


Synthetic Marijuana Urine Drug Testing:


Commonly know as Spice, K2, Legal (and many other names), Synthetic Marijuana is extremely dangerous and use of it is rising at an alarming rate.  It is easily accessable and it is not detectable on a standard drug screen.  Therefore, it is widely used by kids, teens and young adults.  It is highly toxic, and has caused medical issues such as heart attack, stroke, brain damage and even death.

WE HAVE A TEST THAT WILL DETECT IT!  We have partnered with the leader in synthetic marijuana testing in the country to bring this service to the South Plains.  This urine test can accurately detect up to 19 chemicals commonly used in the product.  The cost of this test is $65 and you will receive results in approximately 72 hours.  The methodology is LC/MS/MS and no confirmation is needed.

Synthetic Marijuana is a designer drug that is intended to deliver an effect similar to that of THC (marijuana).  It is a herbal mixture that is sprayed with chemicals that cause a psychoactive effect.  They are sold under various names such  as K2, K3, Spice, Legal, Syn, Haze, Cloud Nine and many others.  They are marketed as "safe", "natural", and "legal".  The products are referred to as incense by those selling them and they are labeled as "not for human consumption".  They are not regulated by any agency, and the chemical compounds can vary greatly, causing them to be potentially highly toxic.  It has been found to be anywhere from 4 to 100 times stronger than marijuana and has caused serious medical issues, including heart attack, stroke, brain damage, and even death.  It is widely used because it is easy to access (it is sold in public stores and on the internet), and it is not detectable on a standard drug test.  Several chemicals used in synthetic marijuana have been classified as illegal on a national level, but the manufacturers continually change the chemicals used to avert the law.


Standard Urine Drug Screen:


For most companies, drug screens are a critical component in the hiring process and safety programs. Let us help you simplify your process by providing you with excellent customer service, a convenient collection location, and fast, accurate results.

Our standard drug screen is priced at $45.  Please note that when screening for a class of drugs, other chemicals can interfere and cause a false positive.  Industry standard protocol is to confirm any positives through GC/MS, which is an additional charge.

We test with an immunoassay methodology on-site in our Lubbock laboratory, which is a full-service CAP accredited clinical laboratory.  Our services include:

    • Amphetamines (includes Methamphetamine)
    • Barbiturates                                                                                   Adulterant Testing
    • Benzodiazepines                                                                           24 hour (or less) turn-around time for results
    • Cocaine                                                                                         Chain of Custody to insure integrity of process
    • Opiates                                                                                          Medical Review as necessary/requested
    • Oxycodone                                                                                    Secure results on
    • Phencyclidine                                                                                GCMS testing  *extra charge
    • THC

Both the Synthetic Drug Test and the Standard Drug Screen together have a cost of $85.


Specimen Collection:

 Both tests listed above require a urine specimen.  Collection can be done by the parent, employer, or the laboratory.  Chain of Custody is performed by the laboratory upon request and at no additional charge.  Directly observed collection is available upon request.

For more information please contact Cathy Baxter at (806) 771-9988.